The distance is responsible for a good meeting

Thanks to the individual combination opportunities of our conference rooms, we offer you enough space for meetings from 10 to 150 persons with adequate space for safety distances. Whether a parliamentary seating or a U-shape, both of it is possible with satisfactory space!

Due to our generous foyer in front of our meeting rooms as well as our large terrace, enough free space for coffee breaks and lunch times is available. Proceeding the food by following all hygiene rules is more than self-evident for us.

On top of that, we are creating special food concept for the current situation, which are also following all rules concerning safety distances.

Our employees are conforming all given rules of conduct and hygiene. For your hand hygiene, you will find disinfectant in our lobby as well as in the restrooms.

As you can see, we are doing everything in order to make you feel comfortable while meeting in our conference center!

We are looking forward to your request via mail to

Our food concept