Umweltschutz - Wir machen mit

We are taking care of our environment. Help us, to do event more.

What we are already doing for environmental protection and sustainability.

  • In 2011, we have built our "Hofgut Laubenheimer Höhe" completely sustainable. The nature received an generous number of passing areas, we are heating with wood pellets, are working with water reclamation and we are producing our own energy by using our 1500 qm solar panels.
  • In 2020, we have renewed our complete main kitchen in order to reach a carbon dioxide reduction of 25 % by using the newest kitchen technology.


  • We abstain from single-use and portion packages wherever possible.
  • The heating as well as air conditioning in our hotel rooms are adjustable digitally and manually in order to use the energy in an efficient way.
  • We changed the light inside our hotel almost everywhere to LED lamps.
  • We abstain from chlorine in our pool and changed to environmental friendly substitute material.
  • We are using environmental sound cleaning supplies in the total hotel.
  • All of our hotel corridors are equipped with motion sensors in order to safe energy.
  • We offer shower bath and shampoo in large contributors instead of in small bottles. The contributors will only be refilled after being completely used. Therefore, resources will be preserved.
  • We offer the event ticket of the Bahn in order to make our guests arrive climate neutral to his or her meeting or conference.
  • We have two charging stations for electrical cars in our underground parking.
  • We work together with regional suppliers wherever possible and we buy grocery seasonally.
  • We changed our to go dinnerware to high quality Villeroy & Boch porcelain dinner ware which can be used repeatedly during a long time.
  • When buying new advertising media we take care of sustainability
    (to go cups, Favorite tote bag).
  • We offer our food and beverage menus in all of our restaurants digitally in order to cut down on paper.
Your opportunity to support us:

Abstain from daily room cleaning when staying several days with us. This commitment, we will reward by a free drink in our Weinbar. Just let our reception team know and you will receive a voucher on-site.

Abstain from the daily change of towels.

Towels on the floor = I would like to have a new towel.

Towels on the hook = I would like to keep my towel.

Do you have any questions?

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