Wellness and fitness at the FAVORITE parkhotel Mainz

A fantastic active and recreational landscape with sauna, steam bath, adventure shower, heated sunbeds on stone, Calendarium as well as massages. Enjoy your own body and health. Unique in Mainz and exclusively in summer, our recreation deck with sunbathing and outdoor jacuzzi invites the sun worshipers and offers you the unique experience, the silhouette of the Rhine-Main area before the eyes, immersed in the nature. Our new fitness area, also on the roof terrace, offers you the opportunity to enjoy fresh air with a magnificent view. A nice alternative to jogging or walking in the park.



We also thought of your physical fitness. From the stepper over the treadmill to the bicycle gauge.
We offer you the right thing for your workout with the most beautiful view over Mainz, which a gym can have.
A nice alternative to jogging or walking in the park.
There may come the end of the evening.
Only for hotel guests useable!

Bathing area

Here you enter a new terrain!
You strip your everyday life like clothes, dive into another world and let yourself drift!
We have banished the stress from our swimming pool landscape.
Here time plays a subordinate role – what counts are people and relationships, joy and relaxation. Our Badelandschaft offers plenty of space for this and our good service can be taken for granted.
Step into the well-being.

Our sauna: by express to the well-being

Wellness in FAVORITE parkhotel, that’s pure relaxation. The visit to the sauna is far more than just sweating. With every drop that leaves your skin, a part of everyday life also vanishes and makes room for a relaxed well-being.

A few sauna tips from the wellness experts?

Often the stay in our sauna is only short. The effect lasts longer. How much time you should spend in our sauna knows your body best. Wellness experts speak of two hours as the ideal duration for a complete sauna bath.
If you believe them, you should start the visit of the sauna with a shower and careful drying. Why is that good? Well, dry skin sweats faster and so promotes the recovery effect. Need another tip? Also a warm foot bath before the sauna is used, the sweating additionally.
How long does the best stay in the cabin last? They speak here of eight to fifteen minutes, which one should spend in the cabin. As a regular saunger you will surely want to stay longer than Newbie leave you the cabin rather slightly earlier. In the last two minutes you slowly get up and get used to the relaxed posture.
Cooling wants to be learned. Doctors recommend cooling down the cooling in the fresh air. Only when the body has absorbed enough oxygen, one should drain with a Kneippschlauch or cool under the Schwaunbrause. And after the cooling? A warm foot bath often works wonders. A warm feeling of warmth spreads throughout the body and fills you.
Doctors also advise not to go to the sauna hungry or full stomach. So what is the best way to plan the sauna after a visit to our restaurant Wintergärtle? Wholesome asparagus dishes or even a tasty and light herbage are not just a feast for the senses. They also bring you into the ideal state for a visit to our sauna.
During the saunas, however, you are advised to refrain from drinking. The relaxing and detoxifying effect of the sauna would be almost completely neutralized. According to experts, the maximum of well-being is reached after three saunas. Further saunas do not lead to any further increase.
If you want to continue, you should think about our massage treatments.

Sauna or steam bath?

It depends entirely on your preferences. While the sauna relaxes with its heat, in the steam bath the moist-warm air soothes on our body. Everything that has accumulated in the air during the day is softened by the mild vapor, or even dissolved. So a steam bath brings a lot of relaxation.
If you are undecided, why do not you change daily? Your soul and body will be happy about the change and reward you with a more balance and energy the next morning.

Our heated loungers on stone.

The easiest way to relax in FAVORITE parkhotel Mainz.
You will soon feel the warmth of your body as it spreads. Your hands still feel the surface of the stone, while your soul is already making approaches, to let go and slowly take off.
Why do not you simply leave yourself to your subconscious mind? Relaxed on our sunbeds on stone rest until your soul has detected enough heat in every corner of your body. Their thoughts keep all the many topics that circulated all day long. Only when your soul decides to land again, you will return to the real world of the FAVORITE parkhotel Mainz. The sensation of warmth and relaxation will carry you deep into yourself. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights in our restaurants in the state of inner relaxation much more intensively than you would otherwise. In this respect, our loungers on stone act as a relaxing flavor enhancer – the only one but also the only best option you should allow.

Stepper, treadmill and bicycle ergometer

What if the body calls for sporting activity, and Peter has opened its locks outside? In the active and recreational landscape at the FAVORITE parkhotel in Mainz, the stepper and treadmill will make your desire for jogging in its indoor version a reality. Put your personal pensum back and enjoy when the sun is rising again outside. Before you go out later, you will surely visit the sauna and the steam bath – so you can relax and unwind.
Is you more after the bike? Then you will surely find yourself on our bicycle gauge again. Choose for yourself how steep the mountain you are to climb. Train endurance and strain. As soon as you feel like you have chased the yellow jersey, you can also call the sauna and steam bath and relax after the indoor cycling tour.

Your personal fitness program

Why not use the time of your stay at the FAVORITE parkhotel Mainz in order to implement a wellness and fitness program. After the conference, between business meetings or as an intermezzo on the city tour, a portion of fitness fits into the agenda.
The possibilities are varied and fitness can be varied here in our 4 star hotel in Mainz. In addition, our restaurants offer light dishes that fit well with your sporting leisure program. May we recommend the Wintergärtle?
When can we welcome you to our FAVORITE parkhotel Mainz in our active and recreational landscape?